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  • Perfect Accuracy

    TrueMetronome is the most accurate metronome app on any mobile platform. Its unique engine creates perfect beats with ABSOLUTE ZERO latency.

  • iPhone 5 Support

    TrueMetronome is fully optimized for 4-inch Retina displays. Furthermore, there is a bonus feature for iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5 users.

  • Natural Sound

    All sounds are recorded from real metronomes, a beat does not affect the gradual decay of its predecessors, and each beat's sound is a little different from the others. All this contributes to the natural sound which is easier on your ears.

  • Realistic Look & Feel

    TrueMetronome recreates the look and feel of a real mechanical metronome; every mark on the scale is labeled with a tempo mark, the deviation angle of the pendulum depends on the tempo, and the tempo is selected by dragging the weight.

  • Universal App

    TrueMetronome supports all iOS devices (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad).

  • HD Graphics

    All graphics are optimized for Retina displays.

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